How to use the registration system

The Help page is not ready yet, we're working hard on it. Excuse any inaccuracies and errors. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. How to start
  2. Registration
  3. Log into the system
  4. Forgot your password
  5. Forgotten login email
  6. Default / homepage
  7. Edit details
  8. Change password
  9. Delete
  10. Adding patients
  11. Copy patients
  12. Edit patient
  13. Log patient consultation
  14. My consultations
  15. Cancel ordered consultations

How to start

To be able to use our registration system, and log on to the consultation, you must register first. That can click "Register" on page

obr.01 - registration


When you click on "Registration" button, you must fill out the registration form the user, the parents, legal guardians, or directly to a patient who is no longer underage. User / parent may have under him more patients, which adds the following steps after registration approval.

obr.02 - registration

After clicking on the "Register" button, which is below the form, you will be notified establishing your user profile.

 obr.03 - registration

For security reasons, your registration will be approved automatically, but manually by the administrator of our system. Upon approval, you will be automatically notified via email that you indicated on the registration form.


Login to the system

Once you receive email confirmation of the registration, you can log into the system and to continue logging on consultation.

obr.04 - login

Default / Home

After successful registration, you are on the home stand, where you can see information about the user and also his patient list. After the first login is obviously patient list is empty.

obr.05 - home

Adding a patient

The patient create by clicking on the home page, click "add patient" and on the next page, fill in their personal data obr.06 - Adding Patient

To use this page, you can leave some fields pre-filled forms (address, ....) automatically. That can click on the "pre-populate user information"

obr.07 - Adding Patient